Eva Longoria: Sex Instructor

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bill-swift - March 22, 2006

If you were dating Eva Longoria, would you be upset if she revealed that you were not exactly the most experienced guy when it comes to sex? Or that she had to teach you how to do everything? Well, according to Sky News, that's just what Eva Longoria told Allure magazine, about her boyfriend, Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs.

Tony's only been with one other person in his life. He's very sweet. I'm the experienced one. I'm the teacher, especially about love.

He's always telling me he's never met anyone who loves the way I do - wholly, freely and unconditionally.

Since I grew up in Texas, I'm like the people he's gotten used to around San Antonio instead of being a Hollywood actress who's selfish and arrogant and full of herself... and screamy.

So, yeah, that's nice. Why not tell everyone how big his package is too? You know that now he's going to be picked on by every guy on his team. Probably for the rest of his career. Of course, if people d0 make fun of him for not having been with many women, he still has one of the best comeback's ever: "I'm dating Eva Longoria."