Eva Longoria is Glamorous

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bill-swift - October 6, 2006

Ah celebrity. The fame, the money, the glamour, the slippers. Wait, what?

Yes, that's Eva Longoria. Out in public. Wearing slippers. She really makes you believe in the magic of Hollywood doesn't she? Well, actually, she should, because if you haven't yet figured out that the magic of Hollywood is really just heavy makeup, soft lenses and tons of Photoshop, where the hell have you been living?

And sure, celebrities are entitled to go out in their pajamas to get a cup of coffee without having to put on makeup. It's just that they shouldn't. Oh, and a little wax on the upper lip wouldn't hurt either.

More pictures of Eva Longoria wearing her glamorous sweat pants, and those retarded pink flower slippers after the jump.