Eva Longoria And El Chapo’s Love Interest Kate Del Castillo Cleavy In “Telenovela”

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bill-swift - January 14, 2016

You know if Eva Longoria is going to be producing her own prime time show, she's not going to skimp on putting her own prime time body into the visual mix. You don't buy the Mona Lisa and hang it in your basement rumpus room. Above the mantle, please. Eva's Telenovela sitcom probably isn't for the male of the species, but her Forties and Faptastic tubes are still as alluring as ever.

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Joining the mix in this week's cleavetastic show is Kate del Castillo, the Mexican actress now known widely as the woman who hooked up Sean Penn with El Chapo for a jungle mountain interview. Kate was something of a crush for the drug kingpin and had previously sent her flirty messages. If you stare deep into her sweet teats, you might see for yourself why even a hardened criminal could get weak for Kate. Maybe even throw away his freedom. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Telenovela" NBC

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