Esti Ginzburg vs. Bar Refaeli: The Hot Bodied Battle for Tel Aviv

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bill-swift - January 29, 2011

Let the bikini-lingerie Israeli super hot model battle begin.

Apparently, there's a behind the scenes feud between our oft-posted, always lusted supermodel Bar Refaeli and Egotastic! newcomer bikini and lingerie model, Esti Ginzburg, both super fine celebrity hotties having come up around the Tel Aviv area, with Esti claiming, among other things, that Bar avoided some tough military service by duping a quickie marriage to some dude. Thems are fighting words in those parts. (At least she didn't, or hasn't yet, accused Bar of being the world's hottest beard, which we do regularly, but only because it's true.) Who will ultimately survive this epic hottie tiny little things on hot things battle? Well, of course, we are the winners, and if there's ever a catfight in bras and panties, we will be the all-time winners. A boy can dream. And, tonight, I dream of Esti Ginzburg and Bar Refaeli, silk, Jell-O, and me smiling as a clean up between rounds. Enjoy.

Esti Ginzburg bikini clad for the Cia Maritima Catalog:

Bar Refaeli in lingerie for Bonita De Mas magazine: