Emma Roberts Excited Top Last Minute Christmas Shopping

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bill-swift - December 25, 2015

Emma Roberts isn't the kind of sextastic celebrity to go around town with a wide open top, which is kind of a shame, but in the glass is half full category, she does love sheer tops and not much by the way of confounding undergarments. Combine that with the rush of last minute Christmas shopping and the brisk temperatures in Tinsel Town this week and you have the makings of a little Emma Roberts headlights and happy chesty thoughts show at the outdoor mall.

Emma made a few steps this year in the right showoff direction. She got out of that engagement and into some smaller and showier things. She's never going to be obvious about her powers of allure, but if you look closely, you will get yourself a peep full of tingle inducing views on the fairly regular. Here's to hoping for full breakout in 2016, Emma. The time is nigh. The body is ready. Let the mind follow so we can all collectively smile and sigh. Or moan, depending on your preference. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews