Emily Ratajkowski Wicked Hot Fashion Chick in New York

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bill-swift - February 17, 2017

Fashion Week has its negatives and positives. On the negative side, almost everything. On the positive side, tons of hot models strutting around Manhattan the entire week showing off for the assembled cameras and designers and silly fashion industry VIPs. Everybody who is anybody in the modeling type sextastic lady business is ambling the avenues of The Big Apple this week in expensive, yet showy clothing. It's something to see.

Latest sighting, Emily Ratajkowski, baring midriff and looking like a million bucks, or maybe twenty-thousand of clothing and accessories. Emily and her racktastic that she both shows off and chastises you for staring at were evident even in her haute couture. She's ravishing. I'd like to use that word in public one day without giggling. It's like the entirety of the middle part of the city has been turned into one giant catwalk. Meow funbags. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet