Emily Ratajkowski Models Lingerie

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bill-swift - June 1, 2016

You had me at Emily Ratajkowski and lingerie. Just imagine the possibilities. I do each evening around 4:24 AM during my REM sleep, even without provocation. But now seeing Emily pimping the shizz out of this Princess lingerie catalog line by sheer use of her stupendous female form in sheer bits of lingerie, I think she might get the 3:17 AM slot as well. It's a squeeze, but you know I'm squeezing for Emily Ratajkowski.

Emily is one of those rare models who became famous and faptastic by way of topless and nude modeling, and is now booking gigs on the regular moving lingerie and jewelry and shoes and lots of shmata that pays much better even than posing naked. I would be sad, but Emily still bares her bosoms on occasion. Plus, any Emily in anything revealing stirs up my heartbeat past it's normal resting rate of six bpm. I'm pacing myself. More, Emily, more. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Princess Lingerie