Elsa Hosk VS Photo Shoot Rearside Candids Are A Sight To Behold

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aldo-vallon - December 6, 2018

Elsa Hosk looks like she is having more fun standing on that pedestal than I am capable of having with a video game. But that is not saying much since my interactions with video games usually involve a lot of yelling and cussing throughout, only to end with punches to the couch. I always feel bad after that. The couch deserves better. It didn’t do anything wrong.

I doubt Elsa would treat a couch like that. She would probably just dance all over it while wearing her underwear. In my opinion, that is the highest honor that a couch can receive. Much better than being used for sex, because there is no risk of love juices ending up on the fabric. I know if two people were going to have sex on top of me the worst part would be the love juices.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that these shots are being used as the basis for a trophy. I do not know what award would need something like this, but her poses are just asking to be bronzed. Maybe a modeling contest could use a new trophy.



Photo Credit: MEGA