Ellen Alexander Shows Off Her Incredible Figure In Black Swimsuit Photos

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elliot-wolf - April 13, 2018

Well, will you look at what the waves washed in. Ellen Alexander is the embodiment of sophisticated seduction standing on two of the finest legs a woman could ever wish to own. Her one piece turtle neck bathing suit suggests that Ellen has probably never slurped anytime that she has sipped tea in the presence of company. A very classy woman. Ellen is clearly a lucky lady good enough to meet the only other special woman in your life, your mother. I know my mother would approve of this special lady.

I’m fantasizing about how good Ellen would look in the passenger seat of my vehicle. We could forge a better bond than Bonnie and Clyde. And instead of robberies and running amok all over the county, we could travel and she can steal all of my affection at every beach we stop at to take a break from driving. It would just be her and I against the world. We would find solace at every shore and I would never forget to tell her how good she looks splashing around in her outfit. I'd write our names so large in the sand with a heart in-between them so that even someone watching from a satellite or Cessna plane could see just how deep my feelings are for her.

Photo Credit: Backgrid USA