Elle Fanning Yellow Sports Bra Signals Blonde Hotness

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bill-swift - March 15, 2017

Elle Fanning seems particularly happy among her Tinsel Town peers. It might be her au natural beauty, her dedication to dance and working out, or her natural born talent for her thespianic craft. Perhaps all of the above. She exudes a confidence not common to most late teens, though common to the celebrities we find sextastic and alluring.

Elle in her bright yellow sports bra and stretch pants hit up the gym with some slender bodied bounce. No dark and foreboding looks. Just more sunshine on top of the smiles and the knowledge that while she's a hippy at heart, there's nothing wrong with the gentleman oglers finding your leer worthy. It's not a threat, it's a compliment. Oh, Elle, we should do stomach crunches together sometime. You first, while I hold your legs and think of a reason why I can't take my turn. Enjoy.

Photo credit: AKM-GSI