Elle Fanning Goes Sports Bra Green for Hottie St. Patrick’s Weekend

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bill-swift - March 20, 2017

Elle Fanning isn't without a knowledge of the holidays. Or an awareness that even as an artist she is the subject of much leering by ogling gentlemen and Sapphic leaning women and it never hurts to accentuate your positives. Spandex is quite useful in that regard. So is a smile and a desire to never wear a sweatshirt if at all possible.

Elle goes to and from the same gym most days allowing the photographic types to easily capture her pre and post workout body glory with some ease of regularity. Presume she doesn't love the cameras. Also presume she is going to let you know she looks amazing, as long as your taking photos. Skin tight outfits are not mandatory at the gym. In fact, I'd change friends and workout partners if my buddies ever opted for that route. But on Elle, the perfect non-exhibitionist exhibition of tight body goodness. Job well done. I might break a St. P's rule and still go for a pinch. I'm the victim here. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FameFlynet