Elle Brittain Big Bosom Barely Covered Show

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bill-swift - December 19, 2015

Elle Brittain is another one of those young naturally naughty body hot models that is on my list of ten lifetimes of buckets. Just so ridiculously hot and with a perfect pair of sweet ta's that surely could only come from heaven itself. Oh, how I'd like to squeeze her heavenly bodies.

Featured in this Cameron Hammond angelic photoshoot, Elle shows off her fun feminine parts and that racktastic of hers by way of sideboob and a whole bunch of skin barely covered. The shoot naturally can never be perfect without removing all the wardrobe, but the hotness of these visuals can not be denied. They ought be worshipped, like Elle herself. Just the kind of girl that makes you super happy to be a boy. Oh, the tingles. They would never end around Elle. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Cameron Hammond