Elizabeth Hurley Loves Bikini Selfies

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aldo-vallon - November 4, 2017

 It is a pretty remarkable feat to be able to be compared so favorably to your younger self. Most women would need to scour their old pictures from photo albums so that they would not be reminded of how far they have fallen. Others would constantly display their old photos in order to delude themselves and others into thinking that is what they still look like. Women are not alone in that respect. Balding men rely on their glory days in order to get matches on dating apps. It is fairly obvious that Elizabeth Hurley does not need to rely on such deceitful tactics. This woman could probably still fit into her old Austin Powers wardrobe. In a side-by-side comparison with her younger self I would be hard pressed to spot the difference. It would like an adult version of that game in Highlights magazine we all used to play in waiting rooms. I think there is a real market for an adult game like that. Some people would be easier than others, like Sean Connery, but all games need to have different difficulty settings.  

Photo Credit: Instagram