Dove Cameron Primped and Preened

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aldo-vallon - October 28, 2017

 There is this weird rumor going around that the song When Doves Cry by Prince was actually written about Dove Cameron. Yes, I know the song was written over a decade before Dove was even born, but who knows, it could still be true. Prince was known to do stranger things. Maybe he was given a vision about the future and the only way for him to make sense of it was to put it in a song. Maybe I made up the rumor just now and am hoping it takes root. It is hard to tell anymore, I just lie so much. How can I be expected to keep track of them all? That would be unreasonable. Almost as unreasonable as the proportions on Dove's body. Her neck and head look like they were picked off a doll and plopped onto her shoulders. She needs a face or neck tattoo pronto in order to make her seem a bit more real. Something tasteful, like barbed wire or an ex-lovers name. It would not hurt her resale value much and then at least I would know she was human.



Photo Credit: Instagram