“Don’t You Die On Me!” Supercut

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bill-swift - June 12, 2014

There are certain lines that screenwriters like to use. "I have a bad feeling about this", "Get some sleep", "Hang on!", and "You'll be OK!" are just some of the lines people love to say. Perhaps one of the most loved and oft repeated lines is "Don't You Die On Me!" It's what the desperate friend/lover says while holding on to their best friend/boyfriend/girlfriend. As a writer myself I can see why they would use it. It's an easy shorthand that everyone knows and understands. What else are you going to say if your best friend is dying? " long, dude." or "Sucks to be you!". So, why not use "Don't Die On MEEEEE!!". Because it's a cliche? Listen, if screenwriters stayed away from cliches no movies would get written. All the movies have been made already. All we can hope for is a good adaptation of an old movie. So, go ahead and don't die on me all day long, screenwriters.

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