Does A Yeti Piss In The Woods?

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bill-swift - February 16, 2016

One of the reasons that people disbelieve the existence of bigfoot and other ape-men is the fact that there is no real physical evidence of their existence. No one has ever found the dead body of a bigfoot. Surely, they leave big corpses after they die unless they disappear like master Jedis. But it's not just their bodies that is missing. Where are their poops and pees? You can find evidence of other animal's bathroom all over the forest, but not from a bigfoot and you know they are dropping some massive spores. But this video from the Spanish Pyrenees shows a yeti doing what no other bigfoot/yeti video has ever shown. Namely, a bigfoot peeing. A skier spotted the beast while out for a day of hitting the slopes. Not only did she not expect to see a bigfoot, but she sure as heck didn't expect to see him making that yellow snow. 

I think this is the most convincing Bigfoot video I've ever seen. Not because it's real, obviously it's a guy in a suit. But what I like about it is that they thought to have him do something in the video that animals do. Good job, amigos. 

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