Disney Girl Dani Fernandez Smokeshow On Instagram

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aldo-vallon - January 13, 2019

Dani Fernandez is just begging for it by putting these photos on the internet, but the joke is on her because I am not falling for it. I have been tricked before into giving a women back massages, and I have finally learned my lesson. No matter what they say, never believe that they are going to return the favor after you have given them what they wanted. All of a sudden they’ll get real sleepy and not have the energy for it.

They will use all sorts of tricks to lure you into using your strong meat hooks on their lower backs, but do not give in. Maybe they will start writhing around on a countertop, like Dani is doing. Or maybe they will wear some clothing that will not conceal their back in order to entice you like a window display, like Dani is doing.

I think she would have been better served by going with just one tactic. It isn’t so in-your-face, so it might have snuck by someone. But pulling out all of the stops puts everyone on high alert, like when a hot woman flirts with an ugly guy in a dive bar. There has to be something up with her.




Photo Credit: Twitter / Instagram