Diana Lark Will Light the Spark of Romance… In Your Pants

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Mitch Jablonski - April 4, 2019

Diana Lark is a model who continues the proud tradition of beautiful women with bird last names. It's an elite club that includes such luminaries as Florence Nightingale, Tanya Finch, and Ryan Gosling. I think Diana Lark has them all beat, however, as she is far and away the sexiest woman with a bird last name that I've ever laid eyes on.

This lithe and lovely beauty is hanging around the house nude—as one is wont to due when one has a body as perfect as Diana Lark's—and thankfully there was a Playboy photographer on hand to capture this moment for posterity. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've wished that a Playboy photographer's job was just to hang around sexy women, waiting to catch them doing something in the nude.

The thing about Diana Lark is that she doesn't have to do anything other than just stand there and be nude to be one of the sexiest things on god's green earth. There's no additional qualifications for the job, and Diana seems like a prime candidate to take such a job. And when she's done with that job, I've got at least three more things that end in the word "job" she might want to look in to.

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus