Derek Fisher Raises Stakes in Barnes Fight

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Lex Jurgen - June 8, 2017

Derek Fisher rolled a Cadillac Escalade after clipping a guardrail on an L.A. freeway during a drunken ride with Matt Barnes ex-wife he's been fucking. Both Fisher and Gloria Govan weren't seriously injured in the crash. The Escalade was totaled. It also happened to belong to Matt Barnes. 

According to TMZ Sports, which is how TMZ covers black people, Barnes had bought the car for Govan to make sure their kids together had a safe two ton vehicle. As it turns out, it's safe. The guy who's fucking your ex was barely scratched.

Barnes is some kind of angry male ego who can't let the ex-wife and Derek Fisher thing go. Hence why he's always showing up looking to brawl with Fisher. Fisher is a punk who is subtly rubbing it into Barnes' face. It's the least masculine side of truly male behavior. Or, female behavior. Two chicks in high school shoe-fighting because one stole the other one's man. Though with barrel rolling Escalades. 

Barnes is somehow about to win an NBA Championship ring on the bench with the Warriors. Fisher recently had his multiple Lakers winning rings stolen from his home. Coincidence? Entirely. But this will spin into another melee. Hair cannot be pulled in this girl fight. Expect guns.

Photo credit: Getty Images