Demi Lovato Cleavtastic In Brand New Music Video

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earl-jonas - July 19, 2017


Whether you think Demi Lovato's voice is shrill or simply grating in her new music video for Sorry Not Sorry, I think we can all agree that her cleavage is hitting all the right notes. Sorry. But also. Not Sorry. The pop superstar has been holding out on new music so far this year, but she's back in the limelight with a little help from the likes of Paris Hilton and Jamie Foxx in the new video. 

That's all nice and well, but to get on Egotastic you have to do a little more than throw a house party with celebrities, and Lovato delivers by baring her cleavage while dancing around in white foam. She also takes to the yard in a revealing purple top that perfectly showcases her melons. Maybe Demi will go for a more stripped down approach for her next single. And by that I mean, naked. 

Photo Credit: YouTube