Dead Space 3 Fires Up the Stretch RunHype With Fresh Launch Trailer (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - January 30, 2013

You should already be tinkering with Dead Space 3 demo on your home console by now. For those of you who can't be bothered with such things as actually playing a free sample of a hot upcoming video game you're left with spiffy, highly polished trailers showing off the dramatic elements of the deep space survival horror game. Take Down Terror is the name of this particular piece and in it you'll see our hero walking in snow on a desolate mountain and reflecting on recent events in his life. A knock-off version of Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight" is playing in the background, building until the thrilling conclusion of the trailer. With all that said, you still have to watch it to get the full effect. And I don't care what anybody says, you don't just F with Phil Collins tunes. That guy did more for sneakers as business casual fashion than anybody before or since.