Dave Chappelle – Not Clinically Insane

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bill-swift - May 16, 2005

Well, it turns out that Dave Chappelle has not gone bonkers, and is not actually residing in a mental health facility in South Africa. While he is in South Africa, he tells Time Magazine that he is actually staying at a friend's house in order to avoid dealing with the pressure of his Comedy Central show.

He says he is staying with a friend, Salim Domar, and not in a mental institution, as has been widely reported in America. Chappelle says he is in South Africa to find "a quiet place" for a while. "Let me tell you the things I can do here which I can't at home: think, eat, sleep, laugh. I'm an introspective dude. I enjoy my own thoughts sometimes. And I've been doing a lot of thinking here."

I don't think I'm gonna go and feel all sypathetic about this one. Sure, having a popular TV show is a lot of hard work, but dude, you're getting 50 million dollars. That shit ain't free, yo!

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