Danielle Knudson and Melody De La Fe Show Off Their Beach Bodies

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aldo-vallon - November 13, 2017

 The difference between the bikini on the left and the bikini on the right is why it is so important to be careful when drying clothes on high heat. It is by good fortune that in this case it ended up enhancing the look of the bathing suit, but may God have mercy on the man who ruins the clothing of his significant other beyond repair. 

I suppose this would be one of the many perks of having a beautiful body. The more revealing the clothing, the better it looks. That all depends on the situation, however. I doubt shrinking a pair of wool pants down to the size of booty shorts would go over well in a business environment. I cannot see Darlene from accounts being thrilled with the unfair advantage Danielle Knudson would have when it comes time for that next promotion. Darlene should keep her opinions to herself, if you ask me. Having decorations around the office helps to brighten everyone's day. I do not see why a person's body cannot be included in that as well.   


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News