Danica Patrick Bikini Bendy On Instagram

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earl-jonas - August 17, 2017

NASCAR superstar Danica Patrick is no stranger to showing off what's under the hood on Instagram, but her latest picture is one of her most revealing, or at least bendy, yet. The racecar driver knows a thing or two about banked curves, and in the new snap, gives us the full view while doing a handstand by the pool. We have the best seats around, and we don't even have to worry about shrapnel impaling our faces. 

Thanks to this unique, athletic pose, we can see Patrick's topsy turvy boobage, plumpilicious cheeks, toned legs, and overall unclockable body. As I said before, this is far from the first time that Danica has wowed us with her Insta goodies, and you can head to the gallery to see some of her other highlights. ::Searches for NASCAR pun to wrap things up in a nice bow:: Boobies. I failed.


Photo Credit: Instagram