Dani Mathers Hires Crisis Manager

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Lex Jurgen - June 14, 2017

Dani Mathers is turning her misdemeanor conviction for shooting denigrating photos of chunky seniors in her gym locker room into a huge positive. Step one, hire a crisis manager. That's a fancy term for an overly assertive public relations maven paid to lie expressively on your behalf. Step two, issue platitudes about the inherent good of bitchy former nude models:

“It's very important to me that my clients take their apologies seriously … I want clients like Dani to use their platforms to really help people and shine a light where there may be darkness."

Bringing light to darkness seems like the obvious turn in Mathers career. Radio sex talk and modified rice burner auto show hostess was so almost two months ago. Crisis manager, Wendy Feldman, lamented the fact that her client was sentenced to 30 days of graffiti cleanup, when there were so many loftier social missions the titty model could've supported. That was merely a segue into all the numerous charity organizations Mathers already supports, none of which were named to protect their anonymity. Or be able to verify. 

“I really look forward to what we can do together and how people will see the Dani I now know.”

Thirty minute officer meeting prior to retainer agreement. It's like a lifetime of being in the trenches with somebody. Or knowing them slightly less well than in their mistakenly publicly shared Snap dissing a naked old woman for being gross to look at.


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