Creepy AI Technology Allows Harrison Ford to Be Digitally Inserted Into ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ (VIDEO)

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brian-mcgee - October 17, 2018


When watching the film, did you find yourself wondering what Solo: A Star Wars Story would've looked like had they used a digital version of Harrison Ford rather than real live actor Alden Ehrenreich? Well, you're not alone, apparently. The same technology used to insert Nicolas Cage into every movie ever and do a better clean-up of Henry Cavill's upper lip has now been used to put Ford back into his most famous role.

Derpfakes on YouTube uses a technology known as "Deep Fake" to perform feats of digital trickery that are often better than what Hollywood themselves uses. I'm sure they don't have to hold up to the scrutiny of big studios visual effects as no one's ever going to see them in IMAX. As fun experiments, though, they're right in line with Star Wars fan endeavors like The Phantom Edit, Red Letter Media's Plinkett reviews, and on a grander scale, Harmy's De-Specialized Editions.

It's kinda what Star Wars fandom is all about. I wish someone would take the pitch of Ehrenreich's voice down an octave to better match Ford's rumbly growl. Ford was old before his time, something Ehrenreich just doesn't nail. He does a good job, but he's not in the same league as Donald Glover's Lando.

[h/t JediTempleArchives]