Congress Believes In The Power Of Magic Tricks

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michael-garcia - March 16, 2016

Are you as sick of the election as I am? I hate how divided our country gets during an election cycle. This one is particularly annoying with the candidates on both sides resembling more like escapees from the island of misfit toys than viable politicians. Still, in Washington, the business of government continues.  The latest proposed act of congress is a resolution to "recognizing magic as a rare and valuable art form and national treasure." We aren't talking about magic like Harry Potter does at Hogwarts or whatever. Instead, the resolution deals instead with magic tricks. You know, the kind that guy on your floor in the dorms in college was into. The same guy who was a virgin until they were 28. The resolution's sponsors representatives Pete Sessions, Ken Buck, and Charlie Dent have all had their lives touched by creepy guys doing magic tricks. Buck said, he "wants to recognize magic for what it is: a valued art form, not a way to balance the budget without significant spending cuts." Ha.

Some might say that congress should have better things to do than introduce resolutions about magic tricks. They would be right. 

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