Clown Around with the Final Trailer for ‘IT: Chapter Two’

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brian-mcgee - July 19, 2019


My intense coulrophobia has prevented me from seeing 2017's box office smash IT: Chapter One, and the condition will likely keep me from venturing out to the theater to see IT: Chapter Two when it opens in September. However, I know that lots of you out there are horror hounds and will flock to this one on opening weekend, so I'm setting my fear aside to bring you the latest trailer for the upcoming finale to Stephen King's classic tale of horror.

Part of being an adult is facing your fears, I know, but that sort of thing just isn't for me. It is the crux of this story however as the members of The Losers' Club have all grown up and returned to Derry, Maine to face down Pennywise, the evil clown alien monster demon thing that wreaked havoc on their childhood. The film's got a pretty stellar cast including Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, and the always great Bill Hader. If there's any way you could trick me into watching this, it would be to see Bill Hader.

There's no scarier time of year than back to school time, when the first flick made a killing, so it makes perfect sense that this would drop the Friday after Labor Day. Make sure you're not wearing white pants when you head out to see IT: Chapter Two on September 6.