Claudia Romani and Cloe Greco are Thong Buddies

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Mitch Jablonski - June 10, 2019

As a male, I do not need a thong buddy. I never wear a thong and I don't want to associate with any other men that might wear thongs. I don't have time or room in my life for men that wear thongs. Now, were I a woman with a fantastic ass that loved wearing thongs like, oh I don't know, Claudia Romani, I would definitely want a thong buddy like Cloe Greco around to share in my affinity for thong culture.

I know that we're used to seeing Claudia Romani posing by herself, and that's usually all well and good, I have no complaints with that. There's nothing in those pictures to distract you from Claudia's beauty. But seeing her paired with another ass-tastic model like Cloe Greco and seeing them both in thongs is enough to send even the most stable-hearted person into cardiac arrest.

So double your thong pleasure with two of the most bootylicious babes you're likely to see today: Claudia Romani and Cloe Greco. These gals know that nothing on this planet is better than your gal pal, except perhaps the opportunity to hang out with said gal pal in thongs. That might just be what is best in life.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency