Did Chris Pine Get Plastic Surgery? Is Chris Pine Wearing A Wig? Is Chris Pine A Botched Mess?

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Sam Robeson - April 5, 2018


Remember how I told you guys that the only reason websites phrase headlines as questions is for shameless SEO purposes? Well look at me now mom. Now I'm bound to get us with the top five-hundred-thousand searches when people take to Google to try and figure out what the hell is going on with Chris Pine's face and hair. The Star Trek actor was recently ambushed in a parking lot by the pap smears, leading to pictures that lead to me thinking Chris Pine has enough Botox in his face to go head to head with Kim Kardashian in a botched off.

The thirty-seven-year-old Chris Pine is at the age where normal wear and tear should be visible on one's visage, and yet instead of having any wrinkles, he looks like someone experiencing an all over reaction to getting stung by a bee. Or, or, someone who went to a Restylane specialist and said "fuck me up." Even if you don't agree that Pine's face looks just plain weird, can you at least acknowledge the coiffed pomeranian he has taking a nap on his scalp? Usually celebs at least try to make their rugs look natural, but it's kind of liberating that Pine wants us to know that whatever on his head A) is not comprised of organic materials and B) cost less than five dollars. Stars, they're just like us. If we're pre-op Bruce Jenner.


The picture below is from 2016. I see the flip-flops are a thing. Cool.

Photo Credit: Chris Pine's Ex-GF Olivia Munn from Backgrid / Instagram

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