Chinese Technician Plays Banned P0rn on Giant Billboard, Probably Headed to Jail

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bill-swift - July 18, 2013

Despite a lot of things, China's still a pretty conservative country. So conservative, in fact, that they've banned the release of certain p0rnographic movies because they like to torment guys like that. That said, you can just imagine the horror when a video technician played one such banned p0rno on a giant billboard near the Jilin railway station.

Apparently, he was on site to fix the video display but decided to chill and watch a p0rno flick instead. The movie played for nearly ten minutes to a surprised public (the dudes were probably loving every minute of it) before the advertising company who hired the dumbass alerted him to the live broadcast.

The technician, identified as Yuan Muo, quickly unplugged his laptop and then threw the disc out the window. Because yeah, that's what you're supposed to do when you get caught: throw away the evidence.

Suffice to say, Yuan was arrested and will probably end up in jail for his very stupid, stupid mistake.

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