Chinese Propaganda About the Benefits of Smog–Who Are They Kidding?

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bill-swift - December 19, 2013

If the government told you the alcohol was a miracle drug and that global warming was great because you'd be able to get a perpetual tan, would you fall for it and believe it with nary a question? You probably wouldn't, but aside from having smarts, it's also probably because you don't really buy into everything the government feeds you anyways.

People from other countries aren't like that. So when the Chinese government recently released propaganda about the benefits of smogs (yes, you read that right), we wonder: did the Chinese really believe them to be true? Here are the purported 'benefits:'

1. It unifies the Chinese people.

2. It makes China more equal.

3. It raises citizen awareness of the cost of China's economic development.

4. It makes people funnier.

5. It makes people more knowledgeable (of things like meteorology).

FACEPALM. Comedians should be inhaling a tank of smog before they perform, if all that pollution can make people funnier. Meteorologists should just breathe in smog too, because it'll make them more knowledgeable.

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