China Suarez Oiled Up In Bikinis

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bill-swift - June 18, 2015

China Suarez, aka Eugenia Suarez, aka Maria Eugenia Suarez, well, a rose by any other name would smell just as sextastic. The Argentinean hottie posed down something serious in various bikinis and bras for the love all things Latina and lust inducing. I'd say it's definitely working.

Eugenia has one of those bodies that looks good in anything, and even better out of everything. But you'd have to be the more fortunate soul, or highly touted professional soccer player, to delve into that heaven on earth type prospect in your humble abode. I could see Eugenia being that girlfriend for me that I look back on and wonder how I could've been so stupid. Though secretly I'm praying she calls  me late one night for an old time's sake booty call. My mind is saying no, but my body is saying, c'mon, man, we've never said no ever. It's not even a fair fight. 

Eugenia, call me, use me, leave me by the side of the road with a Trac phone that doesn't dial international. I'm ready for it all. Enjoy.