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aldo-vallon - August 16, 2018

What is with people wearing a towel like it is a piece of clothing? They act like they were not prepared to be seen wearing such a skimpy outfit. Who did they expect to see them? Santa is always watching, after all, so one should always choose their outfit accordingly.

I do not even agree with the wearing of a towel when one gets out of the shower. How much water does your body retain that you need to keep the absorbent fabric against your skin? All I need to do is pat myself with a towel that is older than I am and I am as dry as a bone. I’m hairy as hell too, so I feel like my body keeps twice as much water retained as a woman’s.

I do not even condone the wearing of a towel when there are children around and you need to walk down the hall to your room. Plan accordingly, for crying out loud, and bring your clothes into the bathroom. A child seeing its mother wearing nothing but a towel will leave it scarred for life. I am fairly certain that is what set off Ted Bundy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid USA