Charlotte McKinney Big Chesty Tank Top On Set

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bill-swift - May 27, 2016

Whatever project you hire Charlotte McKinney for, you might want to let her know that braless white tank top will be the wardrobe. That goes for film roles as well as any landscaping or gardening work you might retain her for just for the chance to see her epic funbags in bouncing action. In this case her top is so tight her sweater beasts seem to be smashing against one another in what can only be described as a glorious smoosh you wish you were a central part of.

Charlotte is garnering more and more attention as the go-to hot blonde in tight tops and jeans for film and TV roles, as well as commercials and photoshoots. She works hard for her money. Not a day goes by you don't see Charlotte out hustling, working out, or taking every job that comes available. Maximum exposure for this maximum curvaceous beauty. She deserves everything she gets. Just as we deserve to see her naked. I'm just saying, if we're laying all our cards on the table. Charlotte, release the sweet hearts! Hmm, that didn't work. I'll try again in a week. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews