Charlotte McKinney Deep Stretches

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Lex Jurgen - March 3, 2016

Charlotte McKinney works her ass off every day to be in the kind of shape men respect when they're imagining her sitting on their face while they listen to the ballgame on radio headsets. Still, McKinney defended biggie-sized model Ashley Graham after legendary SI swimsuit model Cheryl Tiegs declared that it was unhealthy to glamorize fat women.

I think Ashley works so hard to stay in shape and she's such an amazing role model.

It's clear by the first part of that statement that McKinney was just reciting a canned response. You work hard to stay in shape and you're in great shape. Ashley Graham doesn't work hard to stay in shape or she would be in shape. Look at you out there on the beach stretching your ass in little tight shorts while Ashley Graham's up on the boardwalk polishing off fried haddock on a stick. Take some credit, woman. You just took down Kate Upton by working twice as hard. You are the role model. Can we see your tits? Role model rules.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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