Charlize Theron Leggy Underwear Hotness

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bill-swift - April 5, 2016

Is it too informal to call Charlize Theron 'my girl'? I don't care. I  think I'm going to start. This now Forties and Faptastic A-list thespianic seems to be getting hotter and hotter with each passing year. It's not an entirely unique phenomenon among the genetically blessed class, but still a startlingly tingle inducing exception to the rule I can't help but obsess over. Especially upon seeing Charlize laid out statuesque long and lean in her undies for WSJ magazine.

Charlize is one of those classic beauties who doesn't require much prep or post work to appear stunningly hot. It's just her natural state. A little bit of makeup, some hair work, and let the veteran sextastic body in panties and little tops do the rest. This isn't your parent's generation of forty-something moms. This is Charlize Theron. She looks ridiculously hot. I wish I could climb into her sweater and just hang out for a week. Or her panties and book me for back to back weeks. In fact, you'll have to forcibly evict me after several months of legal wrangling and guys with thick necks suggesting I leave. I'd be so warm and happy. Bless you, Charlize. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: WSJ Magazine