Charlie Riina Thong Bikini Posedown Extraordinary

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bill-swift - June 17, 2015

There are poses and then there are poses. I'm pretty sure Charlie Riina nailed down all my favorites in this beach thong pimping session for the creepy bottled water people. She goes frontside, backside, side side, all dominant positions when you have a body like Charlie and you're not afraid to flaunt it for educational purposes.

I'm not sure this swimsuit fits Charlie so well, I am sure I'm glad it doesn't. I feel like my old science teacher Mr. Crowley is going to step out of the breach with a scorning speech on sexual education and how babies are made. It's a good sign when I have those feelings. It means Charlie is pushing the right buttons. Oh, man, how I'd like to push hers back. Damn hot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet