Xoana Gonzalez

Noelia Rios and Xoana Gonzalez Topless; Two Girls, One Bed, Lots of Giggling (VIDEO)

Xoana Gonzalez and Noelia Rios Topless Bedroom Photoshoot in H Para Hombres
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Somewhere in Argentina, buried deep beneath the rich soil of the farmlands, lies a magical stone that turns so many young women there into bodaciously hot exhibitionists of the bodily kind. I hope they never dig up that stone, it truly would be a loss for the rest of the world.

Noelia Rios, of naughty sibling photoshoot fame, and Xoana Gonazalez, of Lionel Messi orgy sex scandal fame, teamed up to feel each other up in a photoshoot for Hombres magazine and thankfully, somebody caught the behind the scenes footage. Really, making visual magic is so simple — two sextastic and sultra Latina naughty hotties, one bed, and one camera. Just like riding a bike. Enjoy.


Time for Your Morning Hot Girl Soccer Fans Break With Barbara Franco and Xoana Gonzalez (VIDEO)

Soccer Fans So Hot They Will Make You Dribble!

Do you love Argentinean club soccer? Well, you do now.

Courtesy of our formerly featured Sudamericana hottie friends Barbara Franco and Xoana Gonzalez, and their equally hottie friends, some bumping, shaking, grinding, and flashing during a photoshoot promoting Argentinean soccer.

See how many club teams you can name by their jerseys. Or, like me, just imagine them scoring goals and ripping off their tops like Brandi Chastain, sans sports bras, natch. Enjoy.

Xoana Gonzalez Topless Pictures Are The Right Hot Kind of Scandal

Xoana Gonzalez Topless in H Extremo Magazine
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You may remember Xoana Gonzalez, the sextastic Argentinean TV hostess caught up in a sweaty orgy scandal last year with Lionel Messi, considered one of the world’s premiere soccer players, or more likely you remember her topless photos from the same time.

Well, the sultry Latina is back doing what she does best, appearing all kinds of topless and sweet saucy hot in H Extremo magazine in her home Sudamericana magazine and she is definitely ogle worthy, if not, of course, orgy worthy.

Feast your eyes on yet another fine specimen of soccer player goodies. It really is so unfair. Enjoy.

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Xoana Gonzalez Drops Top in Maxim And Discusses Lionel Messi Scandal


A couple rules of Egotastic! come into play on this story.

First, girls whose first names begin with an ‘X’ are invariably stripper hot, and I don’t just mean unusually hot, I mean, they look like strippers. It’s just a fact, a fact documented by science. Count Xoana Gonzalez in that category.

Second, 98.3% of all Sudamericana celebrity scandals at some point involve a famous soccer player knocking the boot snot out of some TV hostess and model. Also, documented by science.

So, consider us not surprised when a sexually charged scandal involving sweaty orgies arises in regard to Argentine hottie hostess Xoana Gonzalez and Lionel Messi, captain of the Argentine national soccer team and super rich FC Barcelona striker considered by some to be the world’s top soccer player. Not that we care so much about the potential sex scandal as we do that magazines in Latin America like Maxim that jump right into these messes by offering dinero to the sexy celebs in question to get nekkid on their pages. Who says there’s no pure goodness left in this world? Enjoy.

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