Suelyn Medeiros

Suelyn Medeiros Working Out Her Booty in LA

The luscious Suelyn Medieros showed off that lovely Latin booty in a couple of ridiculously sexy workout outfits while working out in LA. They were matching tight pants and sports bras and left little to the imagination. First of all, she's got a spectacular rack, like, truly extraordinary. They are like a couple of melons being held back by a rubber band. The result is some pretty spectacular cleavage. But it is her booty that truly makes one take notice. It is nice and curvy but firm, due in no small part to the fact that she seems to like to do squats. It's important when you have a booty of that magnitude to keep it in shape. It's a gift and a curse to be so blessed in the badonk arts.

We don't see enough of Suelyn. Casting directors and photographers need to hire her more. Why wouldn't they? I mean, I would cast her in one of my films. Now I just got to write a part for a girl to wear nothing but bikinis that keeps having to bend over to pick up stuff.

SueLyn Medeiros Bikini Pictures for the Pregnant Perfect Body Fetish

Don't get me started again on my pregnant hot girl fetish. I only end up in arguments with some of you calling me all sorts of names I don't even understand. Let's just say, I have a thing for the blossoming gals. It's such a miracle of nature. And with a woman like SueLyn Medeiros, it's a miracle of the eye popping variety. IMHO.

SueLyn is about four months along now apparently but nothing could keep this curvaceous oft-troubled Brazilian model off the beach and out of her tiny bikini, even as her rather legendary curves become even more legendary. One of the most bodacious bodies on the planet now growing bigger. You may choose to turn away, as for me, I'm grabbing a beer and a stool and sticking around for a while. Enjoy.

SueLyn Medeiros Uses T&A to Put You in the Easter Spirit

If Easter egg hunts gave away the prize of five minutes of private shnoggle time with SueLyn Medeiros in a sexy bunny costume, I'd be shoving little grade schoolers left and right with my bony elbows to procure as many painted eggs as possible. I really am a fan of her ridiculously hot body. And, we must give her credit for the obvious, but seasonally sextastic bunny costume.

Easter is my seventh favorite holiday of the year. The ladies in their pretty dresses, the fatty pork products, and the Cadbury eggs. It's a trifecta of pure bliss. Throw in SueLyn Medeiros serving them all up and I might just need an Easter resuscitation. Enjoy.

SueLyn Medeiros T&A Vacation Photos Really Are the Best

(Big props to EgoReader 'Steven J.' for the head's up on these photos.)

I went to Paris a few years ago and I took two photos. One of the Eiffel Tower slightly out of focus, and one of a gypsy boy in a train station running away with my wallet to show the police. I'm not much of a vacation photographer. In sharp, or make that soft and round contrast, oft-troubled curvaceous model SueLyn Medeiros is quite the visual documenter of her getaway time. And thank god for that.

Suelyn is down in her Brazilian home country on a sun and fun bikini vacation and she just had to share amazingly oiled down S-shaped photos of her chest and bottom cleave. It's quite the sun-laden hot-bodied curvy lady show. Some of you may not survive. But, for those who do, I'll show you the Eiffel Tower slightly out of focus. Enjoy.

SueLyn Medeiros Strips Down To Her Bra and Panties to Battle Snowstorm Nemo

Everybody had their own preferred method of handling Nemo, this weekend's snow blizzard that socked in most of the Northeast U.S. with heavy frozen precipitation, but, personally, I don't think anybody had a better plan than SueLyn Medeiros.

The Brazilian curvaceous wonder did what any blessedly giving woman with a curvy-crazy body like hers would; she stripped down to her bra and panties and went out into the streets of New York to face Nemo head on, err, boobs on, err, asstastic on. Let's just say, I'd rather look at SueLyn's ridiculously hot body than another press conference from a mayor discussing snowplow operational patterns. I'd rather, a lot more. Enjoy.

SueLyn Medeiros Bikini Pictures Drop Some Serious Asstastic in the Bahamas

SueLyn SexTape (NSFW)
Suelyn Medeiros Leaked Tape
It ain't the most dynamic, but it is the bumping of the uglies. Read More »

Say what you will about Brazilian model and reality show honey SueLyn Medeiros, but what we have to say today is that she has one fine beach body, including a booty of extraordinary visual wonderment.

If there were an objective scale to measure the hotness of butt-sides, and, we can't believe science hasn't invented such a device yet, on a scale of 1 to 10, SueLyn would score an '11' just for her ability to wiggle and jiggle ogling males into utter catatonic submission.

You throw in some suntan lotion and this really isn't a fair fight at all. Enjoy.

Suelyn Medeiros Topless Sunbathing in St. Tropez for Ta-Ta-Tuesday Happiness


Oh, to be young and hot and topless and kind of bonkers. That is the life.

Our favorite nutty Brazilian boobtastic slash asstastic reality show starlet and model hottie Suelyn Medeiros took full advantage of libertine French laws, flashing her bare top for the benefit of the all over tan, not to mention us all-over oglers whose jaws dropped at the site of the oily, tanned, amazing-bodied hottie. When she's not drunk driving down Hollywood Blvd. or picking fights in the streets, this is one fine looking specimen of femdom, and we are damn glad to be able to share her flashing hot fun parts with you. Enjoy.