Shayne Lamas

Shayne Lamas Bikini Pictures Show Off Her North Points While South of the Border

Shayne Lamas may have a name that sounds a bit manly, but she’s all woman as evidenced by these boobtastic bikini pictures taken during her beach frolic vacation time in Mexico. Not sure exactly what she’s vacationing from, but as the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and former reality show contestant, any time you’re out of jail it’s a fundamental victory. Add to that looking mighty fine and curvy in a bikini and you have more than a victory, you’ve pretty much won the war.

It’s not easy being a second, actually third, generation Hollywood type for Shayne. But it’s much much easier when you start off looking like this. Enjoy.

Shayne Lamas Promotes Organic Products With Her Artificial Blonde Bombshell Looks in Vegas

Lorenzo Lamas hottie daughter, Shayne Lamas, was in Sin City pimping the shizz out of her new organic-only skincare line. And while we have yet to jump head first into the all-things organic bandwagon, not wanting to feel like the same sucker we did when we took echinacea for four winters only to find out it did nothing but make our pee smell like tang, we can fully support even the heavily artificial hottie in her wanting to make money from the ladies for whom the value of products isn’t it’s actual healing benefits, but the benefit of being able to talk about the product with their friends.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, until you sleep with somebody else and pass what happened in Vegas on. Enjoy.

Shayne Lamas Bikini Pictures

Shayne Lamas is the “winner” of this year’s The Bachelor. I put “winner” in quotes because anyone on a reality show is automatically a loser to begin with. Anyway, these Shayne Lamas bikini pictures were obviously staged to try and cash in on her new-found 15 minutes of fame, which will probably turn into a lifetime of hopping from one reality show to another. Yes, another completely useless “celebrity” to put up with, but at least she’s a hottie.

And no, I don’t know what’s up with the fish, but I have a feeling the fact that it’s shaped like a penis has something to with it.

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