Sharni Vinson

Sharni Vinson Topless Bikini Changing Sun Time in Hawaii

Sharni Vinson Topless in a Bikini in Hawaii
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I’m not sure if Sharni Vinson is still dating the Twilight hunk or not. I do know she is quite topless on the beach in Hawaii, changing out of her bikini top and just deciding, heck, I’m Australian, let’s just keep this sucker off while Mother Sol treats my funbags to some Vitamin D enriching

Sharni Vinson could definitely use a month or two of the Bill Swift feeds you a sandwich diet. By simply mimicking my own nutritional model, even the leanest of ladies is certain to pack on 20 lb.s in 30 days, rest assured. Why can’t doughnuts be for lunch? With a little lipid love, Sharni could be even more of a visual spectacle, though I’m not complaining now seeing the model and actress prancing topless across the beach. Gift horse and all that. Enjoy.

Sharni Vinson Bikini Pictures Soak Up the Sun Down Under

We’ve been tracking Sharni Vinson for a couple years now, given that the Aussie model and thespianic has a penchant for bikinis and the beach. While she’s definitely on our long list of otherwise lovely ladies who could use a sandwich, there’s no denying our lust for the skinny thing and her beach body frolicking.

In her latest incarnation, Sharni looked like a girl stepping out of a 70′s fun film, completely with head scarf and reflective sunglasses, adding to the early Bo Derek era visuals. One day, perhaps I’ll get the chance to fatten up Sharni with my homecooking, preferably breakfast after a long night of exchanging passions and Sharni telling me that half of what I was asking for isn’t even physically possible. Anything is possible if you only dream. Enjoy.

Sharni Vinson Bikini Pictures Full of Cleavage, Asstastic, and Sydney Summertime Splashy Fun

It is almost the height of summer down in the Southern Hemisphere where the toilets swirl backwards and I believe babies are born upside down. With the heat comes the need for beach time cool down relief, and hotties like Aussie model and actress Sharni Vinson hitting the beach in her wet t-shirt and thong bottom showing off a body that is both blessed and hard-worked.

Sharni is getting tons of attention these days for being Kellan Lutz’s current squeeze, but she deserve much credit, bodily and otherwise, for being a force to reckon with quite on her own. Her prancing, preening, and showing off on the beach skills are truly phenomenal, providing sweet glimpses of her nearly all over Sharnis. Give this girl two sextastic scoops of credit. May she never leave the beach. Enjoy.

Sharni Vinson Bikini Pictures For Skinny Summertime Exaltation in Sydney

Well, you know when we see a skinny celebrity we really want to buy her a sandwich, but Aussie model and soap actress Sharni Vinson manages to pull off her skinny looks with some decent bikini viewing aplomb, so we’ll leave her be temporarily and just check out her booty and ogle her prancing across the beach in Sydney.

Afterall, while we in the Northern climes are hiding from the frosty grasp of Old Man Winter, the good folks Down Under are celebrating the height of their summer months, and there’s no better way to celebrate summer in Australia than by leering at their bounty of beach bikini babes, including the highly limber Sharni Vinson. Enjoy.

Sharni Vinson Bikini Pictures Step-Up the Australian Import Hot Body Show

Aussies, Aussies, everywhere you look, heating up the cites and towns and beaches across the U.S., making their own national statement for birthplace of some of the finest looking women in the world.

Sharni Vinson did her own part yesterday on the beach in Miami, with her Twilight actor boyfriend, she strutted about the sun and sand flashing her lean model slash thespianic body, even stopping at some point to change bikinis midday, perhaps as the first one was coming apart at the seams from all the excessive ogling it was receiving from gentleman admirers in the vicinity. Enjoy.

Sharni Vinson Bikini Pictures Take Us Down Under With Sexy Surfer Santa

Sharni Vinson Hot Bikini Pictures in Sydney
Christmas in the Middle of Summer

Having already forgiven Aussie soap star Sharni Vinson for dating one of  the Twilight dufii (plural of dufus, according to Webster), we were certainly not going to pass up the opportunity to highlight her lean hotness in these holiday time photos of the Down Under wonder flashing her bikini bottim complete with Santa hat and surfboard in the midst of the Australian summer.

Little green bikini, fuzzy red hat, and some amazing bouts of bikini flexibility, it’s all part of the magical warm weather Christmas in the Southern climes. Enjoy.

Sharni Vinson Bikini Candids Continue the Wet Hot Australian Summer Season

Even though she’s currently dating that dude from the craptastic Twilight movie series, we’re not going to overlook candidly caught bikini pictures of any of our favorite celebs, certainly not former Home and Away soap hottie, Sharni Vinson, who like her fellow Aussie countrywomen, is delighting in the midst of the Southern Hemispheric summer as we Northerners drag on through the months when we try to keep our family cockles from becoming covered in frost.

Granted, Sharni is violating one of our rules about women wearing large hats and sunglasses, the ultimate form of female visual deception, but, given that this is Sharni, we have a pretty good idea what’s under the covers, so to speak. Plus, we haven’t really got past looking at her delightfully entrancing tush quite yet. Enjoy.