Shailene Woodley

Jennifer Lopez and Shailene Woodley Topless Goodness Highlight the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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While the pretty people are patting themselves and hanging out trophies to one another, Mr. Skin is ever scanning the world of film for the really pretty ladies not wearing clothes to give you a highlight of the best of the boobs on top this weekend in his Mr. Skin Minute Video.

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This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Jennifer Lopez all hot and bothered in her new flick out in theaters, but nude recalled from Money Train now twenty years ago, Shailene Woodley crazy hot and topless in White Bird in a Blizzard now out on Blu-Ray, and Mélanie Thierry topless in Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem also out now on Blu-Ray. There’s some sights to see, oh yes, some special fun time sights. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Mr Skin Minute

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Shailene Woodley Topless Nekkid First Time Sneak Peek!

Shailene Woodley Topless in White Bird in a Blizzard
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Technically, the film is called White Bird in a Blizzard, which sounds hauntingly familiar to every other bad indie flick a girlfriend has ever forced me to see in exchange for Transformers when it was my pick. Fair enough. But, more importantly, Shailene Woodley topless. The hot hippy chick thespianic who’s been making waves with serious acting chops and alluring au natural looks for the past couple of years exposes her brilliantly bare funbags in this I’m sure important work of cinematic arts. Now we’re talking. The film should be available on demand of some kind in the coming future.

With all the hullabaloo around leaked or hacked celebrity topless photos, it’s nice to see some in Hollywood taking the old school approach to exhibiting their fine lady wares. Put them in the movies. It really is a wonderful thing. Bless you, Shailene. Enjoy.

Shailene Woodley Red Hot and Drop Dead Grown Up for Divergent Premiere in Madrid

We’ve lusted Shailene Woodley since The Descendants big unveiling, but she just keeps getting better and better. Despite being a homemade granola making naturist who prefers to shear her hair and live off oak bark trimmings in the wild, I think I could put up with most of that Mother Earth indulgences if just once a month Shailene came out decked out in a little red number like she did for the Divergent premiere in Madrid.

I hope that Shailene isn’t in the mode of Robin Wright and other serious thespianics who become ashamed of their fine looks and do everything they can not to be the Hollywood beauty. That always seems like such a needless loss. Shailene has so much to offer sextastic wise. I hope she travels down that path a while. There’s always time to live in the trees with Daryl Hannah when you get a bit older. Enjoy.

Hollywood XPosed Is Here and Naked Newsy As Ever (VIDEO)

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Girls getting nekkid to talk about nekkidness. This will be genius until the end of time, or at least through the next Clinton administration. Yeah, I know.

In this edition of Hollywood Exposed, Nekkid News takes you through the best of the best of skin reveals on film and television, including Shailene Woodley topless, Amy Adams nip slip, and the girls of Nymphomaniac being altogether nekkid and heavily involved. But it’s when hostess Peyton Priestly takes off her panties and mentions the name Egotastic! that this video becomes a true keeper on my mantle. I’m ever so happy.

Be sure to check out Naked News as often and frequently as possible. That may be redundant.

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Shailene Woodley Topless, Amy Adams Nip Slip, and Jessica Parker Kennedy Full Frontal Nekkid for the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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While the prude pearl clutchers continue to make inroads into general corporate America, there’s no doubt that this era continues to be a high point for sextastic skinematic reveals from some of the finest women working in Hollywood. It’s a dichotomy I suppose I can live with in the digital age when options beyond the bland network and tentpole theatrical fare are so easily viewable. The only person happier than I is probably Mr. Skin, whose weekly roundup of the best of the undressed from Tinsel Town continues to focus on the more watchable moments caught on camera.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute features Shailene Woodley, starring in Divergent in theaters but topless during a making of the sexy scene in The Spectacular Now, Amy Adams slipping nip and sideboob in American Hustle now on Blu-Ray, and Jessica Parker Kennedy full frontal nekkid on the season finale of Black Sails on Starz. Now that’s just some down home goodness right there. Enjoy.

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Shailene Woodley Is Black and White and Hot All Over

You know I obviously have a thing for hippy hottie Shailene Woodley, hence why I’m drooling over these clothes pictures of the young actress in black and white. For me, the moisture over a full dressed girl is a sign of ultimate respect.

Featured in the new Flaunt magazine, even though she’s putting on a pictorial for the ladies, there’s just a ton of Shailene passion inducement in these photos. At least, I’m feeling it. I mean, emotionally speaking. I don’t wish to be arrested, unless Shailene was the one cuffing me. Enjoy.

Shailene Woodley Looked Mighty Fine Heading to the VMAs Last Night

While all the hoopla last night was over the special guests and nominees and performers at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, there was also the usual cadre of general celebrity invited to the major media event in Brooklyn. The one who stood out to me was Shailene Woodley, one of my up and coming objects d’ lust of the past couple of years. A young actress with that little special ‘it’ factor that has her securely placed into my libido area awaiting recurring retrieval.

Just a little hint of the bare midsection and the curvy figure and slim female form was all it took for me to get deep into Shailene last night. I know she’s a girl who prefers the hippy chick jeans and Goodwill merch and the like. But when she gets all dolled up, she can hold her own with the best of them. Enjoy.