Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding Spectacularly Body Suit Hot in Concert

Looks like somebody’s been working out. And, no, not me. It’s Sarah Harding, who I first fell in lust with during her Girls Aloud days, not that I owned the albums, I just liked to… yeah, never mind. The point is, Sarah Harding 20-year old version was hella hot, and Sarah Harding the 30′s something revived and rehabbed pop star is even better.

I love sextastic ladies as they grow up a bit into wicked alluring divas in body suits. I’m not sure if the  youngin’s like Miley will be able to make this transition, but Sarah surely has, looking ridiculously hot in concert at the O2 Academy. Those toned legs, oh my, how they could teach a boy a lesson about making sweet music. Enjoy.

Sarah Harding Sheer Revealing Panties and Sideboob for Cosmo Ultimate Woman of the Year

I have no idea who actually won the Cosmo Ultimate Woman of the Year award in London, but I’m prepared to hand it over to Sarah Harding, the former Girls Aloud girl group member who showed up to the chilly event in a sheer Grecian goddess gown that showed off not only her healthy sideboob, but revealed her lady nest quite the measure in sheer panties beneath her highly slit dress.

Oh, yes, legs as well, though I’d be lying if I didn’t say my gaze went right to the intersection of her two stems. It was quite the reveal. An Ultimate Woman of the Year type reveal, if you put me in charge of the trophy giving. Blessed. Enjoy.

Sarah Harding See-Through Leggings for the Thong Show D’Jour

All our recent pining and pointing out how hot former Girls Aloud ‘singer’ Sarah Harding has looked of late seems to be paying off, as the blonde 30-year old paid back us the compliment by hitting the town, and bending forth, in leggings so sheer that her thong was clearly, and blessedly visible.

Now, you already know of our appreciation for all things leggings on sextastic females, but when you go to the trouble of finding the extra sheer pair, well, Sarah, thank you very much. You and your thong and that nicely worked out booty of yours. There’s something I’d like to utter aloud, but, I am too much of a gentleman. Fuck yeah. Enjoy.

Sarah Harding Is Getting Hotter and Hotter; And We’re Noticing

Somewhat overshadowed by the hotness that is Cheryl Cole, we too must admit to having overlooked Sarah Harding a bit too much during her Girls Aloud craptastic pop music ensemble days (and, truly, Girls Aloud made the Spice Girls look like Mozart), but ever since coming out of secret rehab many months ago, Sarah has just continued to impress with her half-dressed London outdoors mini-exhibitions.

In her latest street romp, Sarah goes bare-midriff on a ‘walkies’ with her dog, flashing her legs and Booty Aloud in a pair of Daisy Dukes that could only fit her better if she were not wearing them at all. Toned, taut, hot — Sarah Harding deserves much more ogling time. Enjoy.

Sarah Harding Looks Crazy Hot; We Just Wanted to Say

While we will never ever consider the possibility of changing our favorite Girls Aloud ‘most like to scrump with’ favorite from Cheryl Cole, we will never shake the strong desire we’ve never lost for Sarah Harding of the very same craptastic all-female pop group.

While Sarah Harding has gone through some a few personal issues in the past year, none of which we could certainly judge her for, we are more than willing to judge her on looking ridiculously hot once again as she flutted about London in a short tank top and some tiny shorts looking all kind of Yankee hot. I think I’ve falled in lust with Sarah all over again (no, not enough to bring out my old Girls Aloud CDs). Enjoy.

Sarah Harding Bare Midriff Quickie Shoutout

I guess because I was just ogling Cheryl Cole, but whenever I do, I often am reminded of her faptastic Girls Aloud bandmate, Sarah Harding, who had some imbibing overload issues last year, but has come out of rehab looking every bit as hot as I remember her whilst trying not to shoot myself in the frontal lobe watching Girls Aloud music videos, to catch Cheryl and Sarah lip-synching ever so hotly.

Today, a quick shoutout to Sarah’s tummy, which could easily feed my addiction for celeb bare skin. Enjoy.

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Rare Sarah Harding Appearance, So We’ll Admire Her Bottom

I know many of you out there are Sarah Harding fans, the Brit singer from the pop group, Girls Aloud ,who I have always been jealous of for probably getting to see fellow bandmate Cheryl Cole nekkid before, among other fine things, and who is just recently out of rehab in the U.S. for some imbibing issues, but looks to be recovering well with a smile, a tight pair of jeans, and a good bit of bending over.

If you’ve not been a Sarah Harding fan before, what better way to become acquainted than with a nice couple or three butt shots. It’s how we say hello in Egotastic! land. Enjoy.