Risa Yoshiki

Risa Yoshiki Black Lacey Bits of Asian Hotness (Because You Demanded More)

Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing. I like to call those kinds of people, my friends.

Why not ask for more of a good thing, and when is enough ever enough? Well, so many of you wrote us letters in your bright crayons asking to see more of Japanese hottie model and dress-up celeb, Risa Yoshiki, after we blew her up on the site last week, that, well, we easily and weakly caved to your demands and present herein, a wicked hot set of Risa in a black leotard in the shower looking innocent, but drumming up some seriously naughty time thoughts. I mean, if you’re ogling properly.

Educated Egotastic! readers know better than to call lust for all things Asian and sweet a fetish, for that word implies something out of the ordinary, or a strange fascination, or even something not to discuss in polite company. Well, fuck that. I’m polite. And you can talk, see, and almost kind of feel sextastic Asian women here openly, proudly, and, without concern for your public image. I mean, do please keep your pants on. Every house needs one rule. Enjoy.

Risa Yoshiki Bedroom Eyes And Body for Hotness Tour of Japan Continued

It’s Lucky ’13 and time to get back on our low-on-fuel prop plane tour of the Far East, bringing you more, more more, views of the celebrity girls that all the billion men of Asia are thinking deep thoughts about as they are locked in their orient-styled wash closets.

One of whom is most definitely Risa Yoshiki, who we’ve caught a glimpse of before, but now we have a heaping boudoir series of photos to share of the striking Japanese celebrity model who is now sharing her happiness-giving visuals with the rest of the world. Oh, how could we not share a lust-inducing spoonful of Yoshiki on this winter Friday? Enjoy.

Risa Yoshiki Models Her Way Into Your Inner Secret Special Places

Celebrity model and singer, the delightfully Japanese Risa Yoshiki, well, she has a certain ‘it’ quality about her that led us to absolutely want to include her in our tour of all things sextastic Japanese and teenaged-boy wall poster popular. Her lead pictorial photo is not just one you’ll remember today, but, I guarantee you’ll be thinking about ‘it’ for many years to come.

When we think of Japan, we don’t often think of sweet hot young celebrity TV personalities and models, but that’s about to all change. We’re here to educate, enlighten, and engorge. Enjoy.