Ricki-Lee Coulter

READER FINDS: Kristen Stewart Topless on the Road, Charlize Theron Topless, Candice Swanepoel Topless, and Much Much More…

Charlize Theron Topless in Playboy 1999
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Thank whatever higher power you believe in that we’ve reached the end of this week. What a mother-bleeping turn of the screw this one was what with the holiday weekend and having to be in court to battle charges of… well, nevermind, that’s kind of personal. The point is, what of my personal soothing balms is the application of celebrity flesh, the pot of stone sextastic soup assembled by all of you, for all of us, to come together as on. Yep, Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes Charlize Theron topless in her classic bunny shoot, Candice Swanepoel flashing her tube tops in another classic magazine pictorial, Brooke Hogan covered topless, Lucy Pinder deliciously topless, Kristen Stewart topless in On The Road and some sweet sideboob from the Cosmopolis movie premiere, Ali Larter nipple pokes, Virgina Efira covered topless, Ricki-Lee Coulter covered topless, Russian pole-vaulter Darya Klishina, and three super curvy girls deliciously nekkid in Vogue France. Enjoy.

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Ricki Lee Coulter Bumps and Grinds Her Way to a Solid Showing in Sydney

Consider me a Ricki-Lee Coulter fan. I mean, I was before, I am still, but after checking out these performance shots from her gig in Sydney last night, I just want to sign up to be the guy who rubs out her kinks after her bending and strutting performances. I’ve already got quite an impressive array of essential oils, both store bought and homemade, ready for application on that hot body of the Aussie singer.

Ricki-Lee Coulter, underrated, hot, and, yes, Australian. Enjoy.

Ricki Lee Coulter Shares Her Bodily Goodness During the Sydney Summer

Talk about your diva bodies. Ricki Lee Coulter has slungshot (or, is that slingshotted?) herself into our personal top ten list of singing babe hotties, most notably of the Down Under variety, with the type of legs and bottom and tops and all over hard body parts the Aussie singer and TV personality loves to show off in her avenue promenades. In fact, I suppose today is sort of a celebration of the sexy celebrity strutting her stuff on the public boulevards.

On this particular outfit, I’m not veteran seamstress, but I’m going to estimate about six inches on the hemline away from pure delight. I know your imagination can reach that far. Enjoy.