Rachael Finch

Rachael Finch Nipple Pokes For Speedo Shoot In Sydney

Sexy Aussie Rachael Finch was looking hot as hell even as she appeared to be cold during a photo shoot for Speedo in Sydney. Rachael was wearing a tight little number that showed off her tight bare mid-riff. The top was very form fitting and the outline of Rachael’s nips can clearly be seen. I do so love a good nipple poke, don’t you? It’s hard to hide your nips when they are on the ends of such massive funbags. They just occupy more space than normal. It’s basic boobie physics. She was also wearing a pair of teeny tiny short shorts that displayed her amazing long legs for our viewing pleasure. She’s pretty tall so there is a lot of sexy leggage to go around.

Rachael is seriously hot. She looks like the kind of girl that would make you work for it but it would be all the sweeter when you got your prize.


Racheal Finch Shapely New Mama Bare Midriff at the Beach

Just a couple months after pushing out a pup, former Miss Teen Australia and Miss Universe runner up, Rachael Finch, is looking rather spry and tone and beach body ready, and without all the fuss and to-do of a Kim Kardashian post-baby weight loss. The quiet MILFs truly are the hottest.

Being as how I’ve never quite lost the final five pounds from my last fake pregnancy, I truly admire the  girls who hit the crunches hard and fast not long after populating the planet with their offspring. That can’t be a simple motivation. And when the care to share the results of their hard work and determination to get back into bikini body form, well, that’s just the definition of a great mom. Thank heavens for MILFy goodness. Enjoy.

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As a child I visited the Milwaukee zoo and came upon a scene of complete frenzy as a long suffering male chimp had gotten hold of a handbag of a zoo visitor and was banging the copulation shizz out of that purse like his life depended on it. I’ll never forget the look on the face of that chimp as he rabbit humped that Gucci knockoff, pure primordial bliss.

That’s the look I have on my face each and every week as I peruse the wonderments delivered to our doorstep by our faithful and fastidious Internet browsing readers. The men and women of our virtual army of the sextastic who deliver their discoveries into the communal pot each week our Friday rendition of Stone Soup, a.k.a, Reader Finds.

This weeks amalgamation of the awesomely hot includes TOWIE Maria Fowler topless, Rosario Dawson in a sexy dark photoshoot, sadly rarely photographed Lost hottie Evangeline Lilly in her own wicked photo shoot, newcomer Nicole Neal topless in Nuts, late night cable topless queen Shannon Whirry in a collection of her best, the big chest of Jack Osbourne baby mama Lisa Stelly, Natalie Portman in her infamous topless beach photos from 2000, Gisele Bundchen cover worthy asstastic, Lea Michele poking through braless, a double shot of the double tops of Swedish model Johanna Lundback, Rachael Finch nip slip, Elisabetta Canalis topless in a tabloid pic, and the early model card headshots of sextastic models Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Miranda Kerr, and Daisy Lowe and gloriously hot South African Tanit Phoenix looking most definitely topless in a new music video. It’s a mouthful!

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Rachael Finch Bikini Pictures Provide an Innocent Bit of Down Under Wonderment

This is our second sighting now of the former Miss Australia hottie turned TV competition show regular, Rachael Finch, who every now and then turns up on the beaches of Australia to remind us of her wicked hot pageant-winning body, as she did this past weekend just outside of Sydney.

Now, Rachael isn’t exactly the big and in your face type displayer of her sweetness, so you need to capture her as you can, and when you walk away with some memorable booty and bikini body shots like these, you must consider yourselves happier than a wallaby in slop. Enjoy.

Rachael Finch Bikini Pictures Will Put You Up and Over With Down Under Hotness

I happen to love Bondi beach down Australia way. It seems to be seeded with hot women left and right, up and down, wet and dry.

Including yesterday former Miss Universe and now model and TV weather girl (oh, don’t get me started on weather girls), Rachael Finch, who was showing off her tanned toned body along the famous stretch of Aussie sand. Okay, so maybe the bikini is a bit too covering, but there’s no uncovering that ridiculously hot body on Rachel Finch.

I’m no weather man, but I predict times with Rachel to be especially humid and sweaty, with a slight chance of showers. (I’m actually not even sure what that means, but it does sound naughty.) Welcome to Egotastic!, Ms. Finch. Enjoy.