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Peta Todd Nekkid Hot To Portray a Sextastic Atlas for


We happen to dig gloriously glamorous and boobtastic Peta Todd. We and every other dude and chick-loving-chick with a pair of eyes and gonadials tucked away somewhere on their person.

Since the deliciously healthy-bodied Peta Todd has retired from her Page 3 shoots, you can visualize her nekkid goodness at only one destination any longer, our friends at who have blessedly shot several stylishly must-see pictorials of the outstandingly hot British glamour model, including this series of Peta serving as master of the globe, or, as we might see it, holder of the big ball. It’s all revealing of Peta and her downright super-impressive bare shapes. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the Peta Todd homepage on for all your Peta perky pair needs.)


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Peta Todd Flashes Her Fabulous Funbags for the Final Time in Zoo Magazine



According to our good and boob-loving friends at Zoo magazine, this is the last ever Peta Todd funbag photoshoot. She’s calling it quits, hanging up the racktastic, grabbing her chest balls and going home. So, yes, we’re going through the five phases of flesh puppies loss here. First is denial, then anger, followed by drunken stripper party, an indiscreet boner, concluded with a bad hangover. It’s pretty rough. But, on the bright side, one last brilliant Zoo-look at the absolutely amazing body of veteran glamour model and Britty TV personality, Peta Todd.

Farewell, old friends, we’ll see you on the other side. Enjoy.

Credit: Zoo magazine

Sophie Reade vs. Peta Todd: The Battle of the Chest Bulges



Little known fact: we love boobs here at Egotastic! You might say, we’re kind of obsessed with them, especially the more famous kind. And while we are hardly discriminators of the petite or streamlined chest puppies, we can’t help but feel our eyes bulge out at the site of some of the Old Country’s finest fullest funbags in a battle between glamour models, Sophie Reade and Peta Todd, to decide once and for all, well, for today, who has the finer Big Barreled Bens.

Our friends at Nuts magazine do a great service to this world photoshooting, and outtaking, the delicious ripe melons on the frontal torso area of blonde hottie Sophie Reade, while Frank White presents a pictorial of the amazingly alluring Peta Todd in full frontal wonderments. Whose rousing funbags will reign supreme? As always, boobies are in the eye of the beholder. You be the judge. And, enjoy.

Thank God It’s Funbags (TGIF): Classic Peta Todd Topless and Pregnant and Milky Hot


(UPDATE: The B&M people did not want you to see Peta pregnant, maybe self-loathing prego body haters, so those photos are gone from this set, but our good friends at Zoo magazine stepped up with some Peta Todd sextastic photos from her latest spread that ought give you your Peta-fix. Do absolutely lust her.)

We’ve made it. Friday. The very best day of the week, eff Saturday, it’s the promise made by Friday that Saturday can only hope to deliver. And, as always, we kickstart the weekend with that thing, those things, we lust the most — sweet hot sexy female funbags. This week’s edition of TGIF was inspired by a debate had earlier in the week over the hotness of a very pregnant Jessica Alba, who I happen to find inspiredly sextastic this time of her glowing gestation. And, well, to tilt the balance of the hot-preggo debate in my favor, we uncovered and rediscovered this amazing set of boobtastic and with-child-body fantastic photos of British glamour model Peta Todd from when Body & Mind magazine covered her photographically during her pregnancy. Wowzer. If you dont’ have a solid case of pregnant woman hotness fetish after viewing this pictorial, I will refund your money. Enjoy.

OUTTAKES: Peta Todd in Britain’s Biggest Boobs Photoshoot


If there’s two things I adore unconditionally in the known universe, it’s photoshoot outtakes (invariably, always better than the published pictures) and Big Ben sized beautiful British funbags. Now, we have both. This must be how cheese and wine snobs feel when they match the perfect cabernet with a righteous bit of gouda. In fact, cabernet and gouda is a good lead in for these bombastic boobtastic Peta Todd outtakes from our friend at Nuts, and a note on how simple awesome sexy celebrity photos can be: (1) find hot glamour model, (2) take her top off, and, (3) click. And, well, (4) enjoy.

Holly Peers and Peta Todd Put Flash Their Hot Twos for Page Three


I might just return to reading U.S. newspapers (and stop yelling at the kid who comes to my door trying to pimp me the local fishwrap) if they start printing pictures of sexy pinup girls flashing their funtastic funbags, like in the U.K. Sun, Page 3, hosting a bevvy of British boobtastic favorites, such as Holly Peers, whose name alone causes the blood in my body to literally change course, and Peta Todd, new to Egotastic!, but familiar to our friends across the pond who have known lust for her milky melons. Put them together in a photoshoot sans tops, and, voila! Journalistic excellence. Enjoy.