Paula Patton

Paula Patton Is Single and Hot and Ready to Mingle at Independent Spirit Awards

Okay, maybe she's not technically single yet, and Robin Thicke is apparently trying to win her back, but Paula Patton sure looked like a woman who might be re-entering the dating pool in her short yellow get-up at the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Paula has always been quite the enticing gal, but there was always that long time childhood boyfriend and husband in the mix that put a big wet blanket on the daydreamers party. With that silly fop out of the mix, we can finally assess Paula for the wickedly fine red carpet and thespianic that she is. She absolutely stole the show at these particular award with her tight body in an even tighter dress. I'm going to go out on a limb and say she has no problem finding a date. No problem at all if she's read my email currently sitting in her spam folder. Enjoy.

P.S. Brie Larson almost fell completely out of her top at the Independent Spirit Awards. I'm not quite sure she had a proper fitting for that dress. See Brie Larson's open top dress at the Indie Awards on WWTDD.

Paula Patton Splits from Robin Thicke, I Ask That You Respect Our Privacy At This Time

While there have been rumors in magazines for months now of infidelity on the part Robin Thicke, as divorce becomes a reality, I'm certain you're going to hear some backlash from the Thicke camp as to Paula Patton philandering. Specifically, you might hear reports of Paula and I locked away in the hull of a Chinese barge making love like feral rabbits. I can neither confirm or deny these reports as I've never seen feral rabbits going at it. But if they express their reproductive glands for 48 hours straight without recess, then, okay, I deny it a little less.

Splits are never easy and become exponentially more complicated should photos of Paula and I covered in a combination of sweat and clover honey see the light of day. So if you're the guy I paid to take those photos, you know, please don't throw them in the briar patch, if you get my drift. Thank you in advance for your consideration during these difficult rebound sex times.

Paula Patton, Taylor Swift, and Shannon Elizabeth Led List of Hotties at Pre-Grammys Salute to Something

Honestly, there were so many pre-Grammy parties over the weekend, it's impossible to keep track. They all honored somebody or something very worthy I'm certain. I know the chicken was overcooked at most events and it was impossible to get a drink or three. Still, the hotties came out which means our periscopes were raised, both literally and figuratively, including this Industry Icons event where Paula Patton, Shannon Elizabeth, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and many others came out to show off their cleavage, the best cause of all really.

As much as I lambaste awards season, it is also high season for decked out sextastic celebrities. If that's your thing, it's one of mine, then this is your high season as well. And you didn't even have to pay $500 a ticket to get that bad chicken. Enjoy.

Elizabeth Olsen Topless, Lindsay Lohan Topless, Paula Patton Topless All in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)


It's now officially post-Thanksgiving and the true heart of the holiday season. The weather outside might be frightful, but inside it's so damn skin-filled delightful thanks to a forecast of the faptastic celebrity treats available for your theatrical and home viewing pleasure this holiday weekend from our friends at Mr. Skin.

This week's Mr. Skin Minute includes Elizabeth Olsen topless in the Old Boy remake now out in theaters, Lindsay Lohan topless and chesty making of the sexy in The Caynons now out on Blu-Ray, and Paula Patton, smoking hot and topless in 2 Guns, now also out on home disc. If you're like me, you're viewing all three then writing a ten page report comparing and contrasting the chestal goodness of these three ladies. But, I wouldn't wish being like me on anybody. Enjoy.

(And, yes, for Christmas for the man or Sapphic leaning woman in your family, you best be buying a discounted membership to Mr. It's a certain winning gift.)

Paula Patton and Tight Red Leather Go Well Together

I was smitten before I even got the chance to meet Paula Patton in person, but after that time, wow, I'm in full on lust with the 2 Guns hottie who keeps it all so very casual.

You start throwing in tight red leather dresses, and I might just have to take my personal passion affair to the next level. That's right, putting up the Do Not Disturb sign and cranking up the Journey. Such are the feelings produced by a curvaceous delicious woman in cowhide. Enjoy.

Paula Patton Bikini Pictures Form 2 Guns of Candid Mommy Hotness in Miami

Having met Paula Patton in person, I can tell you, she's the real deal in terms of innate allurement. She's not the perfect model everything like you see when she's all made up in lights for movies or magazine pictorials, but something about her just screams, damn, I sure wish she was coming out of my bathroom in her lingerie in the evening for making-daddy-happy time. Such was our pleasant surprise for a rare glimpse of the 30-something MILFy actress with her family on the beach in Miami, flashing some of her real life mom goodness in a bikini, splashing through the water in recreational pursuit.

Paula has a buttload of movies in production and we can only imagine her star is going to rise to the level of some A-list action and thriller movie biggees. We can only hope those artistic endeavors include some more topless endeavors as well. We all need a little something something from mama. Enjoy.

Paula Patton in 2 Guns: ‘I Went Topless Because It Felt Authentic’

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the cast of the new movie 2 Guns this past weekend. And when I say distinct pleasure,  I mean, yes, Mark Wahlberg is a nice guy, Denzel Washington is an impressive dude, and Bill Paxton is just effin' funny, but I mostly mean Paula Patton is just outrageously hot. I've always known she photographed well, but  in person, wow. I mean, wow. And that's not at all true of many celebrities you meet in person.

Paula plays a DEA agent in 2 Guns and while her entire on-screen performance is worthy of a serious gander, there is absolutely one scene in the film Egotastic! Readers will pay close attention to, as Paula's top comes off for some frisky bed time action with Denzel Washington.

Now, I've been on the set before of films where the actresses often have to be talked out of their wardrobe for similar scenes, a big fuss is always made, sets are cleared, there's a lot of foot dragging, an the whole scene becomes a major pain in the ass quite frankly.

So, pleasantly surprised and tingly was I to hear from Paula that she was the one who suggested pulling off her top to make it feel more authentic. She said it didn't make sense for a passionate woman about to jump on her man to have her top on. Well, God bless you and your authenticity, Paula. It will be making millions and millions of men so very happy in the coming days. Enjoy.