Olga Kent

Olga Kent and Julia Pereira Bikini Together and Apart in Wild Hot Body Multi-Bikini Miami Weekend

No polar vortex here. Just two outrageously hot bodied models in Miami strutting their bikini bodies over the weekend both together and venturing out to flash their booty on their own in one heck of a lust-inducing public display of goodness.

Italian model Olga Kent may very well be my new favorite body, err, person, to be tracking with my well-heeled eyeballs.

But Julia Pereira is no slouch herself. In fact, the Brazilian model is causing me severe pains in my Sudamericana regions, if you know what I’m saying.

And when they were hanging out together, letting it all hang out, I’m not exactly sure how any one of the male gender along the South Florida shoreline was able to get any oxygen. Quite a sight indeed. Consider me demonically jealous. Enjoy.

Olga Kent in a Thong Bikini on Miami Beach

Olga Kent Bikini Pictures Bookend Delights

We kind of started this week with Olga Kent looking ridiculously hot bodied in her bikini on Miami Beach, why not bookend a faptastic week of sextastic celebrities with the very same Italian model looking all kinds of fine in her two piece along the beach.

I’ve really developed something of a crush on Olga Kent these past several days. I like to think she has similar feelings toward me, though that seems preposterous on its face. Still, I do believe in cosmic Karma, and that if I am pure in my lust for Olga and her amazing bikini body, that body will come to me, I mean, in a more real manner than it came to me in my sleep last night. Enjoy.

Olga Kent Crazy Wicked Hot Bikini Pictures Wet With Anticipation (Ours, Not Hers)

I never expected to fall in deep lust with an Italian girl named Olga, but, well, here I am. The model from The Boot has been winning the week in Miami amid some very stiff competition, or, at least, competition that is making me quite stiff. Standing out in Miami in January amid the gaggle of international model hotties on the beach is no simple task. But Olga Kent, by sheer force of slender hotness and some very teeny tiny bikinis, well, she’s right up there on the leaderboard for the past several days.

Someday, I’d like to speak directly to Olga and share with her the pleasure that comes from leering at her lean fineries, but I’m quite certain that might kill my chances of ever touching them. So I’ll just pretend to be a sensitive poet who bides his time waiting for her next heartbreak at the hands of a dull and self-involved male model such that she may cry on my shoulders for support. I’m okay being the rebound guy. I don’t even mind the regretful looks when they realize what they’ve done. I’m good with that. Call me when it’s time, Olga. Enjoy.

Olga Kent Multiple Bikini Sextastic Weekend in Miami

Olga Kent is fast becoming one of my favorite international models stationed for the winter at Outpost Miami. It’s not so much her personality or professional work or the way she probably talks in a sexy accent to her hunky Italian boyfriend back home to lie to him about how boring Miami is. It’s that incredible bikini body of hers on display in multiple bikinis over the weekend, including this little black number that had all the heads craning and tongues wagging…

Oh, my oh my. Just look at that body on Olga. Not super curvy, but super tight and seemingly sand resistant. Though I would have to inspect all the nooks and various crannies before I could guarantee that statement. That could take hours, days even. I’m prepared not to eat or sleep. That’s not on my Olga agenda. Enjoy.

Olga Kent in a Black Bikini in Miami

Olga Kent Unveils the Red Bikini Wet and Wild and Nipple Ready in Miami

She goes by Olga Kent. An Italian actress who by all accounts looks ready to star in an motion picture requiring a lean mean modeling machine to exit the water in a bikini baring her bodily assets. She may not have the sculpted asstastic to sit in the gold medal circle in our club, but I’m not exactly kicking Olga out of bed for eating biscotti if you know what I’m saying. For those of you not familiar, biscotti is a dry cookie invented by Starbucks to make tons of money.

Olga throws her body into the ring against the gaggle of hot models from around the world who descend upon Miami in the winter months, like passion inducing birds stopping off on their migration to various lingerie photoshoots around the world. It really is one of the most epic movement of sextastic ladies throughout the year. Bikini season in Miami, someday you really must catch it in person. Bless you, Olga. Enjoy.